DiamondSoft has updated its front-management title, Font Reserve, to version 2.6.

Font Reserve is a single-user Mac font-management solution. Version 2.6 expands its capabilities beyond simple font-management, adding automatic font-activation and font acquisition features.

It also offers a built-in link to, which provides one-stop font shopping, with fonts automatically downloadable into Font Reserve's databases. Users of this solution can download 40 free fonts from BitStream.

The solution also offers automatic font-activation to Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and QuarkXPress. This means missing fonts will be activated as needed. Font Reserve 2.6 is available from the company and costs $89.95. Registered users of version 2.5 can download a free update to version 2.6.

The company has also updated its multiple-client solution, Font Reserve Server, to version 1.0.1.

Following Adobe's announcement that it will cease development of its font-management application, ATM, companies such as DiamondSoft and Extensis have reaffirmed their commitment to Mac OS X. Both companies intend porting font-management utilities to Apple's next-generation operating system – DiamondSoft with Font Reserve, Extensis with Suitcase.