Digidesign has released the new Digi 001 and previewed its forthcoming Pro Tools 5.0 suite.

Pro Tools 5.0 is popular among musicians. Version 5.0 is a major upgrade, introducing a wealth of new software-editing features for audio post-production, expanded file-interchange and continuous scrolling with playhead options.

The scrolling feature ensures that the current play position is visible during playback. The grabber-tool now works in time-, object- or auto-separate modes. This enables the non-musician to move and alter groups of sounds and instruments both before and - significantly - during, playback.

This means sections and voices on a track can be played and altered in real time. This provides extra editing functionality for the jobbing musician.

With this upgrade, Digidesign also offers users new advanced-editing features, with a collection of optional add-on packages. These address direct capture, and the import and playback of Avid-compatible video from within the Pro Tools application.

In related news, Digidesign has also released, Digi 001 its new venture into the low-end market.

It is linked to the Mac via a PCI card and offers 24 tracks, MIDI sequencing, automated digital-mixing, audio and MIDI editing - plus a selection of free plug-in effects.

Eight analogue input/outputs (I/O's), two channels with pre-amps for microphones, eight ADAT Optical channels, monitor and headphone outputs and I/O for MIDI. The earliest Mac OS with which it is compatible is OS 8.6.

Pro Tools 5.0 is available this quarter. Digi 001 is £659 and is currently available.