Digital booklets have arrived on iTunes, with a band called The Click Five including an "i-Liner" interactive booklet with their latest digital music release.

It's available with the act's new "Catch Your Wave" EP on the US Apple Store. It's likely that more such digital booklets will ship in future, as they are a feature that will be available with selected Warner Music Group digital releases.

The concept is capable of supporting traditional record and CD features, such as graphics and liner notes as well as videos and "fan collectibles", the company said.

The Click Five's booklet features song lyrics, a photo gallery, artist profiles, digital trading cards, and a printable poster.

Nikke Slight, Atlantic (the bands Warner sub-label's) senior vice president of new media said: "In many ways, this marks a digital reinvention of the complete experience that the vinyl album provided in its heyday, when album art, liner notes, lyrics, photos, posters, and other visual elements were created as part of the whole package."