The truly connected digital home may be a decade away, according to Sonos CEO John MacFarlane.

Speaking to the BBC he warned that consumers aren't yet ready for a digital home, and warned that critical technology - such as a standard to strongly support wireless video streaming around the home - are absent.

"The digital home has been talked about for a long time but it's only just starting to happen. There needs to be enough digital content and the understanding of the technology before the work can get started," he explained.

MacFarlane also points out that these technologies at present only capture the imagination of a few early adopters - the concept isn't yet a mainstream one.

The most critical hurdle will be the launch of an effective wireless standard to stream video around the home. At present the bandwidth supplied by home wireless networks is insufficient.

Despite the existing obstacles to mass market adoption, MacFarlane believes that in six to eight years digital home entertainment networks will be more widely used.