Apple senior VP worldwide product marketing Phil Schiller says the company's digital-hub solutions are the top drivers for sales of new Macs.

In an interview with Business Week Schiller says: "Digital lifestyle applications are becoming a reason for purchasing a computer.

"Over 20 million copies of iTunes have been distributed so far, and Apple sold a million tracks in the first week of its iTunes Music Store. We're not looking at the Store in terms of a stand-alone business. I hope it can drive more iPod business."

He added: "iTunes has become the most popular application used by Mac users."

Suggesting plans to expand the service internationally, Schiller claims that over 12 million Mac users can access the Store worldwide. However, only US-based customers can actually download music.

He also revealed that Apple is employing digital-rights management technology from FairPlay, which is built into iTunes and QuickTime at System level.

Business Week asked Schiller how Apple's initiative will help solve the problem of online music piracy. He replied: "Our position is that the solution to music piracy is not a technological, but a behavioural one."