A new survey from Symantec underlines the importance of back-up and security protection for computer users in the digital media age.
The survey examines the digital photography habits of 2,227 UK consumers. It reveals that 90 per cent of adults own a digital camera or camera phone. The survey also reveals that just 15 per cent of the UK population are heavy snappers, taking over 432 digital photos per person, per year - 3,916 million photos from just that 15 per cent of people. 
The problem is back-up and security. 30 per cent of people would lose their digital photos/digital memories if their computer or camera were lost or damaged, as people are moving towards neither printing nor backing-up their photos.

The survey results indicate that 77 per cent of users don't back-up their photographs, 30 per cent do not print any of them, whilst 42 per cent only print a quarter of their photos.
Finally, the survey also asked consumers what memory they would choose to turn into a photo to keep forever. The highest responses for this centred on the family unit, with memories of a family member/friend that is no longer with them, birth of a son/daughter and priceless family moment being the most favoured. Female respondents rated these significantly higher than male respondents. These memories were followed in popularity by memories of weddings and best holiday moments ever. These categories ranked much higher for males than females.

The survey was commissioned by Symantec in July 2006 and was undertaken by research company YouGov, across 2,227 UK consumers.