Apple may have given the online music industry a kick in the pants, propelling it toward unpredicted levels of mass market and music industry acceptance, but there's more innovation to come.

There may be chances for other business models to emerge, says Newsweek, and Apple CEO Steve Jobs says: "We're not religious on this, but there's no evidence people want other models."

iTunes Music Store offers a la carte downloads to users, and this seems to be the dominant business model, despite the debut of flexible subscription services.

Napster founder Shawn Fanning now offers a new service, Snocap, a licensed and rights-protected file sharing service that lets music labels apply charges for the sounds they own rights to. He's signed Universal, Sony/BMG, EMI.

There's motivation for music entrepreneurs to develop new business models for digital music, because the success of iTunes has led to a new rapprochement with the music business.

EMI head of strategy Adam Klein told Newsweek: "There's been a change in attitude. We've found that the more time consumers spend with digital music, the more they spend on music overall."