Digital Origin has announced version 2.0 of its digital video editing software EditDV.

Scheduled to ship in mid-April, version 2.0 includes third-party plug-in support, export to Web streaming formats, improved camera compatibility and Macintosh G4 and iMac DV compatibility.

It also has improved time-line editing and more tools for manipulating clips, such as roll and ripple editing from the sequencer.

Direct support for QuickTime Effects plug-in architecture means that over 200 SMPTE transitions and stylized textures like fire, ripple and emboss are possible. EditDV ships with Pixelan SpiceRack Pro with 50 transition effects.

EditDV has been updated to support all the latest DV camcorders, and iMac DV and G4 owners can use it with Apple's built-in FireWire ports.