A digital photo frame that can receive images from camera phones is on show at this week's SEK 2006 in Seoul.

The frame, developed by Samsung Electronics, has a 7in widescreen LCD with 800 x 480 pixel resolution. There's also 32MB of built-in memory and a card slot for SD, MMC or CompactFlash cards.

The device looks like other digital photo frames developed in the past few years, but a glance at its back reveals an Ethernet socket, which gives a clue to its network ability.

The network connection allows the frame to maintain a link with a server, through which images can be pushed to the device. Two of South Korea's mobile phone operators, SK Telecom and KTF, are offering the service to subscribers.

After taking a picture users send it via multimedia messaging from a handset to a telephone number associated with the service. Because users are required to register their photo frame and phone number in advance, the server can match the pictures to the correct frame and push the images through. In a demonstration at SEK 2006 it took just tens of seconds for the image to appear on the photo frame after being sent.

Both SK Telecom and KTF also operate portals through which images can be deleted or shared with friends who have similar frames.

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