SealedMedia has developed a secure digital-rights management (DRM) solution for selling streaming and on-demand audio and video using Apple’s QuickTime 5.

QuickTime 5’s component-download feature will automatically download QuickTime plug-ins from Apple’s Web site when content is viewed that requires them.

Unique SealedMedia’s founder and chief technology officer, Dr Martin Lambert, said: “SealedMedia is the only rights-management company to treat all digital files – including text, images and HTML – as streaming files.

“As a result, it is quite simple for a vendor to mix and match media types to create an unlimited variety of products, and then to issue and track an unlimited number of license types with our quick-launch publisher toolkit. We have achieved our goal of marrying technical sophistication with ease of use.”

The company demonstrated the solution, yesterday, at Apple’s QuickTime Live! Conference. The DMR solution will be made available to users of the public preview of Apple’s QuickTime 5 format.

SealedMedia’s president and CEO Alan Mutter said: “Apple’s open-source, standards-based QuickTime is the premiere technology for streaming audio and video over the Internet.”

Business Frank Casanova, Apple’s director of QuickTime product marketing, said: “SealedMedia’s DRM solution provides QuickTime-content creators with exciting new business opportunities and peace of mind.”

QuickTime 5’s component download feature has also encouraged the release of a variety of plug-ins from other developers. Pulse Entertainment has released a plug-in for its 3D standard and announced a plug-in for its TrueMotion VP3 codec that lets the QuickTime Player present full-screen, TrueMotion video at data rates of 200Kbps or more.

Plug-ins have also emerged from Kaidan, Be Here, VR Toolbox, Ipix and Dynamic Digital Depth.