The Rapid Group is organizing four digital photography workshops in July.

The workshops will feature guest speakers from Epson, Fuji, Olympus, Adobe, Wacom and Extensis, who will discuss the latest advances in image capture, digital workflow and large-format printing, as well as looking at the latest digital photography products and techniques.

Topics discussed will include moving from analogue to digital processes, colour management and the digital workflow, digital archiving, and output to print.

The workshops will offer basic and advanced Photoshop tuition, examining masks, colour correction, levels and curves.

Attendees will see Photoshop 7's new healing tools, file-browsing features and Brush Engine technologies in action. Participants will also learn how to use digital technology effectively in workflows.

The digital archiving sessions will discuss using Extensis Portfolio. Sessions will also look at using Wacom art tablets, and ways to integrate Adobe Acrobat 6.0 and PDFs into print and production processes.

Workshops will take place in Birmingham, July 2, Manchester, July 3, London July 9 and Brighton, July 10. Register online or call 0845 671 7810.