Glyph Technologies has released its FireWire-based RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Discs) solution for digital-video storage and retrieval.

Called the DV-Project, this is a high-bandwidth solution offering data-transfer rates of over 40MB per second (MBps) for G4 Macs. This speed is achieved using another Glyph technology, called DV-RAID Toolkit. The product is capable of handling single and dual-stream uncompressed video-signals.

The DV-Project was developed by Glyph in conjunction with Apple, Media100, Pinnacle, Matrox, Aurora and MiraMotion. The company has also made initial tests with Avid's video products.

Andy Page, Glyph's development engineer said: "We believe a strong bond with video hardware and software companies is a must, as the market changes so frequently. Current and future compatibility is our goal. These relationships have led to Glyph's DV-Project having a seal of approval from numerous manufacturers for their hardware and software, which means security to the end-user."

Glyph's RAID solution is available in 80GB to 450GB configurations. Pricing and availability details are available from the company.