Macromedia has released a 30-day demo of its recently-shipped application Director MX 2004.

Director is Macromedia's multimedia content- and application-development tool.

The application adds support for JavaScript, Macromedia Flash MX 2004 content, DVD-video playback, and the ability to create projector files for Mac and Windows platforms in one step. The DVD-video playback feature opens the doors to build DVDs with enhanced content for the Mac, a feature that was not available before.

Like Microsoft Office, Director is as old as the Mac. The first version of the product – then called Videoworks – appeared in 1984. It has become a mainstay for this sector of the industry, commanding a claimed 90 per cent market share in the space.

The fully functional demo is available from Macromedia's Web site, though free registration is required. More information about Director is available here.