A lack of common ground among consumers, media companies and makers of consumer electronics (CE) products is holding back the growth of networked media, Rob Glaser, founder and CEO of RealNetworks said Friday.

"We have a bit of a culture clash among the three constituencies that need to come together. There is only a little sliver of common ground," Glaser said in a speech during an Industry Insider session here on the second day of the Consumer Electronics show.

Consumers must stop downloading pirated copies of music and movies, media companies have to provide comprehensive, flexible online entertainment services at decent prices, and CE makers have to create products that support fair use and easy access to secure content, Glaser said.

DVD is a example where consumers, content providers and CE manufacturers aligned, according to Glaser. Consumers have embraced the technology, there is respect for copyrights and hardware is offered at a good price, he said.

Glaser sees online distribution as the next big thing for media. Driving it will be the growth of broadband Internet connections and home networks for linking together CE devices, Glaser said.

Glaser has always been a vocal opponent of file-sharing software of the kind that has been used by millions to download free music, movies and software. Early on, he predicted the demise of Napster, once a popular service for trading MP3 music files.