Discreet announced a new version of its visual effects solution, Combustion2 at Siggraph yesterday.

The new version is Carbonized for Mac OS X. It offers animation, 3D-image compositing and painting tools for visual effects. It's expected to ship at the end of the year.

New features include the ability to work on projects destined for multiple formats, such as HDTV (high-definition TV) and video. The application also benefits from an improved editable view, a compositing-flowchart mode, and an integrated 2D-particle system. Text and motion-graphics support is also improved.

Combustion2 introduces garbage-masking technology compatible with inferno, flame and flint - Discreet's online visual-effects systems.

Discreet claims the product will work faster, and that its rendering and OpenGL support have been improved. Network support has also been improved, with the introduction of a network rendering task manager. The US price will be $3,495.