Disney chairman Michael Eisner apparently dismissed Apple CEO Steve Jobs as a Shi'ite Muslim, according to the Drudge Report.

Eisner denies the report's claims, which it says were revealed to the LA Times in an interview yesterday.

The LA Times interview – which is available this morning – makes no reference to the allegation, but details the boardroom feud between Eisner and directors Stanley Gold and last-remaining Disney family member Roy Disney. Both dissident directors have quit the board, and want to see Eisner ousted.

They intend "educating" Disney's shareholders about the company's deteriorating performance under Eisner, and have already begun to approach the company's institutional investors to gather support.

They point to the way Disney under Eisner has allowed relationships with Miramax Films and Apple CEO Steve Jobs' other company Pixar Animation Studios to deteriorate. Though Disney's results have improved, this is partly due to the success of Pixar's Finding Nemo movie smash.

Disney's official line is to condemn the actions of its dissident directors as "a destructive course of action".