DisplayLink has introduced Mac support for its technology which allows up to four additional monitors to be connected to a Mac via USB.

When used with monitors that support DisplayLink, the software works on any Intel Mac. In conjunction with a USB docking station, users can introduce the monitor into the USB chain, ideal for MacBook users with limited USB slots.

DisplayLink’s Mac solution is a plug-and-play, making it easy to set-up, configure, manage and support additional monitors.

The software is a beta version, and the company warns some features are not fully implemented and some bugs exist, namely: no 2D acceleration and no OpenGL acceleration.

The company also needs more support from Apple in order to fully implement DisplayLink support on Macs. A note on the company's site reads: "DisplayLink is committed to making a Mac release that is just as good - if not better - than our Windows Vista release, including full support for OpenGL 3D acceleration. Unfortunately the Mac OS X operating system is a closed system, and unlike Windows XP and Windows Vista, it is difficult to make significant improvements without the direct support of Apple."