In a sign of digital times, Dixons has confirmed plans to dump analogue radios from the products it sells online - and CD players and boomboxes may be the next to disappear.

Dixons now operates exclusively as an online electrical goods retailer, with its high street arm now rebranded as All the same, the move by a retailer as significant as Dixons to abandon sales of analogue radios is likely to be emulated at high street stores.

The retailer has decided to make the move because sales of digital radios now outweigh those of analogue radios by a factor of thirty to one.

CD players - which themselves replaced personal cassette players - also seem likely to face the chop, as sales of MP3 players (particularly iPods), continue to climb.

Dixons Tax Free airport stores and stores in the Republic of Ireland will continue to stock analogue radios, a Brand Repubic report claims.