Native Instruments is now shipping hardware to let DJs pitch, cue, spin and needle drop onto digital-music mixes.

The hardware, Final Scratch 1.1 from Stanton Magnetics, uses time-code technology encoded on vinyl records to manipulate digital music, and is designed to work with standard DJ mixers, two turntables and digital DJ application, Traktor.

Traktor allows DJs to mix CDs, MP3s, WAV and AIFF files. Native Instruments is now shipping a version of the software equipped to work with Final Scratch.

The digital DJ solution lets users listen and cue tracks, run beats per minute recognition, offers waveform displays and is compatible with iTunes and Apple's iPod.

The enhanced product is available for Mac OS X and Linux. It requires Mac OS X 10.2.3 or later, a 500MHz G3 processor and 256MB RAM.