Apple has published an in-depth chat with internationally renowned DJ and Mac user Sasha.

Sasha speaks about his move from playing vinyl using decks to a Mac equipped with DJ favourite software, Ableton. "Sasha's typical setup includes an iMac G5 and Ableton Live software," the report explains.

His first digital DJ moment was born of necessity – his label asked him to perform a session as part of the launch of Sasha's "Involver" CD. He chose a PowerBook and Ableton to perform from.

"I basically DJed off the computer and it was like, Ding! This is incredible. This is amazing. This is the future," he says.

Sasha has managed to build a hardware interface for Ableton, and is loving the potential of the new digital DJ wave. "It allows you to make real edits spontaneously," he says.

"The great thing about the computer is that you can really tailor-make sets for specific venues," he says. He explains how he can make tracks more danceable for a larger gig, or more laid-back and dubby for a more intimate affair.

"The fact that you can sit down and prepare two very different kinds of sets is amazing."

The DJ also praises the reliability of his chosen system. "Ableton on the Mac is definitely very solid. I mean I put my career on it," he says.

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