Quark has teamed up with German company Vision to offer the QuarkDMS Archive module, an XTensions module for Quark Digital Media System.

Quark DMS is a digital-asset management system for publishers. The new XTension is an archival-storage solution for files such as text and graphics.

Publishing QuarkDMS product manager, Scott Moore, said: "Archiving is critical for organizations where the number of assets are rapidly and continually increasing, such as magazine and newspaper publishers.

"The module lets you take advantage of the cost savings of a tape-archiving system without sacrificing quick-&-easy access to your existing content."

Restoration The XTension uses saved QuarkDMS queries to decide which assets should be archived or restored at a particular time. These files are then moved from QuarkDMS managed-file systems to digital-linear tape, but metadata and thumbnails of these assets are left online in a searchable database. This means they can be retrieved and laid out.

Archiving can be initiated manually by privileged users, scheduled to occur at certain times, or set to occur automatically when a hard drive reaches a certain capacity.

QuarkDMS is priced on a per site basis. UK pricing for the QuarkDMS Archive module XTension is also expected to depend on the size of the archive and the needs of clients.