The US Department of Justice has asked a federal appeals court to deny Microsoft's request to postpone the next phase of its antitrust case.

In a filing with the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, the government argued that Microsoft has "little prospect" of reversing the rulings against it.

Subsequently, the plaintiffs in the landmark antitrust case argue that the software maker should not be granted a postponement of the case as it prepares to move to trial as early as Sunday.

In its filing the government wrote: "Microsoft makes no serious claim that issuance of the mandate now will cause it irreparable injury. This omission in itself justifies denial of a stay."

The government also noted that sending the case to the trial court on time would not effect Microsoft's business negatively, or get in the way of the Supreme Court review process. Microsoft asked the Appeals Court last Tuesday to stop the case from going back to the trial court where new remedies may be imposed against the software company.