D-Link, Apple’s chosen manufacturer of Bluetooth connectivity products, has announced an access-point for 11Mbps AirPort (802.11b) networks that also features support for the faster (54Mbps) 802.11a standard.

The 802.11a standard operates in the 5GHz radio frequency, while 802.11b operates at 2.4GHz. D-Link’s new Wireless Access Point supports both. The product is called the D-LinkAir Pro DWL-6000AP Dual Band Wireless Access Point. The company describes its new solution as “ideal” for future-proofing and upgrading Wireless Local Area Networks.

Seamless Steven Joe, president of D-Link, explained: “This breakthrough all-in-one dual-band design delivers the ultimate investment-protection with the promise of a superior product life-cycle and lower total cost of ownership. With both 2.4 and 5GHz connectivity, it allows customers to future-proof their networks, protect their existing investment, and create a seamless point of integration.”

The product is equipped with management and security capabilities, accessed through a Web-based interface that’s powered by an embedded Web-server. D-LinkAir Pro also features two internal mini-PCI slots to allow both WiFi and WiFi5 adaptors. It also includes a 10/100BaseT Ethernet interface, and supports firmware upgrades of the built-in software.

The product will ship in the US in June, costing $499. D-Link has been contacted for confirmation of Mac support in the product.