Apple has released two software updates – DVD Player 3.0.1 and AppleWorks 6.2.2.

The DVD Player 3.0.1 is for Mac OS X users, and is available through the Software Update Control panel. This is a maintenance upgrade offering better performance and stability. The update also brings the application to blue-&-white Power Mac G3s and PCI-graphics-based G4s.

Apple's DVD Player Update 2.7 for Mac OS 9 for OS 9.1 or later, and has been developed for slot-loading iMacs, AGP Graphics Power Mac G4s, FireWire-equipped PowerBooks and new iBooks. It adds support for AGP graphics displays, as well as for ATI and Nvidia graphics cards. It also improves stability and performance, kills some bugs and allows DVD authors to play DVD content from a hard disk.

The AppleWorks 6.2.2 update makes Apple's bundled office software work better in Mac OS X 10.1. This update "improves compatibility and boosts performance", Apple claims.It will not update versions of AppleWorks older that 6.2.