The president of DoubleClick has hit back at allegations of privacy invasion, by releasing a reassuring statement to clients.

DoubleClick has been the focus of controversy since a Californian woman filed a lawsuit against the online advertizing company, accusing it of unlawfully obtaining personal information.

Since then, the company has been the subject of much attention in the press. DoubleClick’s president Kevin Ryan said that some of these articles are inaccurate: "Those articles convey the false impression that DoubleClick links personally-identifiable information without giving consumers choice."

He added: "DoubleClick always encourages consumers to make informed choices, and we encourage all consumers that are not interested in getting targeted advertizing to opt-out on our Web site.

"DoubleClick does not use highly sensitive information for profiling - such as health information, detailed financial information, information of a sexual nature and information on children.

"DoubleClick does not, and cannot know the identity of a user online unless that user has provided that information to an Abacus Online participant who has provided the user with the appropriate notice and choice."

Ryan also apologizes for the emails that clients have been receiving from a "special interest campaign group" in Washington, and emphasizes that the company’s goal "is to deliver relevant advertizing to consumers and keep the Internet free".