Activists for "a fairer music industry", Downhill Battle, have modified the U2 iPod to commemorate a case between Negativland and U2.

The unauthorized iPod modification is described as "an artful mash-up of the forces of corporate megarock and obscure experimental music, and a provocative symbol of the ongoing struggle between those who would confine culture and those who would free it."

The case to which the activists refer saw Negativland sued by U2s record company for sampling U2s "I Still Haven’t Found What I'm Looking For". The case was settled out of court. Downhill Battle takes issue with U2s use of unauthorized content in the Zoo TV tour.

The iPod Special Edition U2 vs. Negativland is available on eBay. It comes in the usual packaging, but one side of the box has been modified to show the two bands in opposition, with U2 on top and Negativland on the bottom. The box label has been modified to read "iPod/Special Edition/U2 vs. Negativland."

It comes pre-loaded with seven Negativland albums. All albums are also included in CD format. There are nine bids at present with $455 being the highest.