Ilesa Software has released two versions of Download Deputy Turbo 4.5.6 – one for Mac OS X, and another for legacy Mac operating systems.

Download Deputy is an Internet download manager that can download files to schedule or upon request. It can handle unlimited downloads, and does so faster than the FTP feature of most browsers. It does this by using the Ilesa-created MaxMyBandwidth feature, which accelerates downloads by making full use of the connection bandwidth.

The software builds lists of requested files to download later. URLs for files to be downloaded can be drag-&-dropped into the application, or the order can be sent from direct within an Internet application. If the site being downloaded from is busy or unavailable, users can configure Download Deputy Turbo to skip that site, retry until it gets through, or retry later. The application can even switch off a Mac when the downloads are done.

Enhancements in version 4.5.6 include the ability to download faster over non-dial-up connections – Ilesa claims the downloading engine is now 15 per cent more efficient. Ilesa's Mal Paine said: "On a DSL line, if you are used to an average download speed of 150k/sec you might now get 165k/sec. It's a significant improvement."

Download Deputy has received a number of bug fixes, and will now download trouble-free from WebSTAR servers, claims Ilesa. Ilesa claims that WebSTAR server downloads are traditionally unstable, as they do not follow HTTP protocols.

The Mac OS X version of Download Deputy Turbo 4.5.6 offers faster download speeds than the Mac OS 9 version, says Ilesa. This version is currently available for download to registered Download Deputy users. A demo version of Download Deputy Turbo version 4.5.6 is available for download – registration costs $24.