My Dream App has announced its first batch of winning application ideas.

This is part of an online competition in which contestants compete for the chance to have their ideas realised as a Mac shareware application.

The contest has attracted 2,700 entries so far. Two dozen will be shortlisted by a judge's panel that includes Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, Digg founder Kevin Rose and Delicious Library developer Wil Shipley. Three winning entries will be chosen by public vote.

Three teams of developers and designers will develop the winning ideas into full-blown Mac apps.

The first finalist announced today is the brainchild of Polish student, Bogumil Glertier. His idea, Herald, conceives of an application that presents RSS news feeds as sections in a virtual newspaper.

Swedish Mac user Anders Melin is the second shortlisted candidate. He proposes Stick-it, an application that lets users place sticky note reminders within applications, menus and on windows.

The third shortlisted application is a game called Desktop Wars. This transforms a standard OS X desktop into a battlefield, controlled by mouse, voice and a motion sensor. The idea was proposed by US student Andrew Wilson.

A fourth application proposal is called Cookbook (Michael Yuan). This offers a wide range of handy features for cooks, including online recipe collection, a full-screen remote (or voice activated) view, iPod and phone synchronisation for shopping lists, the capacity to read recipes for you and integration with Amazon's US grocery-shopping service.

Michael Wuerthele's Chatboard is proposed as a virtual interactive whiteboard that can be accessed by multiple users simultaneously. Users can sketch, add images text, and so on, through an easy-to-navigate interface.

The sixth shortlisted application idea is called Portal by Farzad Sadjadi. "Portal merges easy-to-use network syncing of folders and documents between Macs with a whimsical, futuristic 3D interface," the competition website explains. "File transfers are represented by wormholes literally crackling into life on your desktop, and relevant icons are sent spiralling through the wormhole onto your Mac."

Additional finalists will be announced every day until September 15. The first elimination round will begin on September 18.