Macromedia has got together with AvantGo to develop a way to let Dreamweaver and UltraDev developers deliver Web content to mobile devices, including personal digital assistants and Internet-ready mobile phones.

AvantGo is developing an extension for Macromedia Dreamweaver and Dreamweaver UltraDev to deliver content to mobile devices. These Extensions are expected to ship in January, and will be available on the Macromedia Exchange for Dreamweaver Web site.

Beth Davis, vice president of product marketing for Macromedia, said: "Macromedia is committed to the exploding wireless market and will continue to ensure its products are integrated with innovative solutions such as AvantGo."

The Macromedia Exchange for Dreamweaver and Dreamweaver UltraDev collectively offer over 250 extensions.

AvantGo's mobile service provides free interactive content to handhelds and mobile phones; it serves 1.2 million mobile customers. Macromedia's wireless move comes hours after Adobe's announcement of a similar strategy yesterday, this time with mobile-phone giant, Nokia.

The wireless and handheld markets are seen as a significant growth areas in Europe and the Far East, where market development has far exceeded that of the US.