Toshiba has boosted the rotational speed of its 2.5-inch high-density disk drives to 5,400 rpm, reports the IDG News Service. The company is engaged in developing a 60GB 2.5-inch drive that implements the higher spindle speed.

The 5,400rpm drive (the MK6022GAX) offers an increased buffer memory of 16MB, meaning better performance for higher-end notebooks and desktop PCs, and is scheduled to ship in September. Increased spindle-speeds mean faster data-transfers (a minimum 100MB/sec – faster than Apple's high end, build-to-order PowerBook G4) and lower data-access times.

The news follows Toshiba's April announcement (widely reported by many Web sites yesterday), that it had created a 60GB 2.5-inch drive suitable for use in portable computers.

Fujitsu last week unveiled a 60GB HDD that it claimed has the highest areal density – a 4,200rpm, 60GB drive. IBM's 2.5-inch Travelstar drive offers just fifty per cent of the capacity.