Apple's market-leading iPod MP3 player offers another hidden feature – robustness – but Macworld doesn't advise readers to test this out.

A heartwarming tale for the weekend from the Macworld Help & Tips forum shows the tough side of Apple's small white box.

The story began on October 16 with a reader's cry for help:

"Um, I dropped my iPod on the floor at work and I damaged it. It looks OK, but it won't charge or work. I just get an image of a folder with a warning sign!

Later that night, one of the Forum's friendly regulars who posts by the name of Froggy replied: "Your iPod is very sick and needs to see an Apple man in a white coat!"

The following day, the desperate owner expressed horror at having to spend money getting the product repaired. Macworld does not recommend that you follow his particular solution to the problem.


"I threw the thing on the floor a few times in anger and noticed that the back was coming off. I pulled off the back and it started up," the owner exclaimed, surprised.

Macworld recommends iPod owners invest in an iPod protective carrying case that will hopefully allow your precious iPod to bounce from any surface without actually breaking, although if anyone decides to test this, please consider the consequences.

Froggy replied: "Well, that's one way to avoid large repair bills."

You can read the full post here.