PowerLogix has announced the PowerForce Dual G4 line of processor upgrade cards for Power Mac G4s.

The new PowerForce Dual G4 Series 100 and Series 133 processor upgrades will begin shipping with speeds ranging from 800MHz to 1GHz, with faster models available later.

All cards include 2MB of L3 cache, twice that which Apple includes on its newest twin-chip 867MHz and 1GHz models.

The PowerForce Dual G4 takes full advantage of the symmetric multiprocessing capabilities of Mac OS X, so all applications benefit from the higher performance provided by the second processor.

The PowerForce Dual G4 works best with processor intensive tasks such as video and image creation, and makes short work of other tasks, like ripping MP3s, according to the manufacturer.

PowerForce Dual G4 models will be available “within two to three weeks”. The Dual 800MHz and the 1GHz will cost £699 to £899 respectively.

The upgrade card will be distributed by A M Micro.