UK customers who pre-ordered dual processor Power Mac G5s are beginning to receive updated shipping dates for their purchases from the Apple Store.

These come a week after similar emails began to circulate in the US.

The message states that:"Demand for the dual processor PowerMac G5 has been overwhelming and our employees are working around the clock to meet demand. We currently anticipate shipping your new Power Mac G5 in 3-4 weeks".

The email then confirms that if the predicted shipping date is not acceptable, the AppleStore will "promptly change or cancel your order per your instructions".

The 3-4 week wait predicted for pre-ordered G5s compares to the 4-6 week wait shown on the UK AppleStore for new orders of the Power Mac G5 dual 2GHz. The US AppleStore shows a 3-5 week build time on the dual 2GHz model.

Customers ordering Power Mac G5s running at 1.6GHz and 1.8GHz can now expect an 8-10 day wait for new orders made through AppleStore, according to the store.

Some UK dealers told Macworld last week that they have already taken delivery of some lower-end Power Mac G5s, though demand exceeds supply.