Duke University's experiment in integrating iPods into its student curriculum continues to bear fruit.

This years student intake were given iPods by the University, with the institution encouraging students and faculty to develop ways to implement the devices to enhance education.

Now, scant months since the experiment began in August 2004, students are using their music players to learn Spanish vocabulary, record lectures and analyse music, as well as play songs.

Some teachers record lectures using the device to post online, while others use the sounds carried aboard as examples in audio technology classes.

The University is evaluating the project at present, and a report is due next month. It will decide whether it should continue the project by early April, but authorities there say it's "going very well", according to the Associated Press.

When the scheme was first announced in July 2004, Provost Peter Lange, the university's senior academic officer said the University was: "Seeking to use information technology in innovative ways within the classroom and across the campus," said .

Duke's scheme attracted wide publicity when it was revealed. This inspired some textbook publishers to contact the institution with a view to include more audio material with their books.