Alta Technology and LizardTech have launched a MrSID (Multi-resolution Seamless Image Database) publishing edition for the Macintosh.

MrSID is a patented new Portable Image format designed for graphics and pre-press professionals, that reduces high-res images to less than three per cent of their original size - with no loss of quality and integrity.

The manufacturers claim that MrSID
allows instant access to images. MrSID is a multi-resolution, device-independent, image-format. It can deliver just the right number of pixels for a screen, or other output device, via LizardTech's patented Pixels-On-Demand technology.

"Today, MrSID will tackle the publishing industry's biggest complaint-cumbersome, high-resolution image-files that not only congest the production process, but overwhelm storage devices," said John Grizz Deal, LizardTech's president and chief executive officer. "MrSID is the Neil
Armstrong of the imaging environment-the first step towards revolutionizing the way we use, manipulate, send and store high-quality images."

MrSID can take an 80MB high-resolution image, and shrink it by 97 per cent to a 2.4MB image. The application is a plug-in for Photoshop 4.x and 5.x, QuarkXPress 4.x, Adobe Acrobat 4.x and InDesign. It costs £299 and demo versions should be available in mid-November.