Open war between the two sides championing differing next-generation DVD formats appears likely, following failed peace talks.

Supporters of the HD DVD and Blu-Ray disc formats met in Tokyo on Monday, but failed to find accord, but discussions will continue.

The associations for each standard held their own private group sessions, too. 230 members from 80 companies attended the Blu-ray Disc Association meeting; while the HD DVD Promotion Group's own meeting drew 120 people from 64 firms.

There may be a future chance for unity, EE Times reports: "Yoshihide Fujii, president and CEO of Toshiba Digital Media Network, confirmed that if the 0.1mm disk format reaches satisfactory production and cost levels, unification based on the 0.1mm cover layer was still possible."

Talks will continue, but all sides will proceed to their announced shipping schedules for new HD-DVD and Blu-ray products, making a battle more likely.