The DVD Forum has denied reports circulated yesterday that it has adopted the AAC (Advanced Audio Codec) standard as part of its specifications for DVD-audio discs.

Apple uses a DRM (digital rights management) modified version of the AAC standard to power its iTunes Music Store. Online reports had stressed the importance of choosing AAC for DVD-Audio, a format that's being touted as a high-capacity replacement for CDs.

The move was debated during a meeting of the DVD Forum February 25, but the motion was not carried. Hideyuki Irie of the DVD Forum Secretariat told Macworld UK last night: "The voting subject of 'Adoption of the mandatory audio codec MPEG-4 HE AAC' for the optional specifications for DVD-audio (ROM zone) was not approved".

While a mouthful, the response means that yesterday's report on High Fidelity Review, which claimed AAC had been adopted for DVD-audio discs, was seemingly incorrect.

It appears the Forum did originally publish incorrect minutes for the February 25 meeting, which claimed AAC had been adopted. These were later changed.

Despite this, High Fidelity Review stands by its assertion: "We're assured that this will not have any impact on the decision, our contacts are considering the selection of AAC as a done deal, which is why we ran the story," the title told The Register's Tony Smith.