MCE Technologies has announced internal DVD-R upgrades for pre-DVD Macs.

The company has announced internal DVD-R upgrades for Macs, including Power Mac G4s, G4 Cube, PowerBook G4s, Power Mac G3s, FireWireequipped PowerBook G3, dual-USB iBooks, and LCD and CRT iMacs.

MCE president Arnie Ramirez said: "We are truly excited to be the only company to provide such a comprehensive offering of DVD recordable upgrades and solutions for the Mac at a time when DVD-R technology and market demand are just reaching critical mass.

"We have amassed an incredible amount of knowledge and information on video and data DVD creation on the Mac that we will make available to our customers through our Web site and through our knowledgeable technical support and customer service teams."

The new upgrades for Power Mac G4s, Cubes, PowerBooks and iMacs are compatible with DVD Studio Pro, iTunes 3, Finder Burning, and, while not officially supported by Apple, also with iDVD3, claims MCE.

The DVD-R upgrades for Power Mac, PowerBook, iBook and iMac systems are compatible with iTunes 3, Finder Burning, and ship with basic Mac-compatible DVD-authoring software, which currently only supports OS 9. An OS X version is scheduled to ship in April.

All upgrades ship with Roxio's Toast Lite for creating data DVDs. The upgrades cost between £219-£349 (ex. VAT). More information is available from MCE or the company's UK distributor, AM Micro. All upgrades need to be fitted by a MCE-authorized upgrade centre.