MightyWords.com - a Web site where authors can sell their works - was launched this week.

A range of books, pamphlets, and other written material can be purchased from MightyWords.com downloaded as Adobe PDF files called eMatter. The eMatter concept was developed by Fatbrain.

Authors publishing on MightyWords.com set their own selling price and receive 50 per cent of the revenues as royalties. The site recommends minimum list prices, based on file size, starting at US$2 and going up to $20 or more.

All eMatter is encrypted, and buyers receive license keys to unlock and read documents. If a document is passed along to someone who hasn't paid for it, they are cordially invited to pay the fee to read the document, and they're offered more information about eMatter.

eMatter is only compatible with Windows, though support for Linux, Mac, and Unix systems is in development.

To launch the site, MightyWords assembled a group of authors and other well-known figures to write a series of essays on the Bill of Rights to the US Constitution. Called American Perspectives, this selection of writings includes work by Pete Hamill, Jonathan Kellerman, Caroline Kennedy, Peter Jennings, Peggy Noonan, and others. It is available as a free downloadable and printable eMatter document.