You can generally rely on Steve Jobs to give a polished performance when he addresses the press and TV cameras, though it seems this wasn't always the case.

Spotted by Electricpig, the footage of Jobs preparing for an early TV appearance has been unearthed and uploaded to YouTube (see video below).

In the clip, a clearly nervous Jobs fidgets in his seat, fiddles with his hair and asks for directions to the restroom as he says he is "ready to throw up at any moment".

"I'm not joking," he adds, before taking a sip of water and letting out a sound that could be a belch, or perhaps just a groan.

He also expresses surprise when he sees himself on a nearby monitor, out of shot. Unfortunately the clip isn't dated, though Jobs - his face obscured by hair, a beard and large glasses - looks to be in his twenties, so it would be some time in the late 1970s/early 1980s.

Uploaded by YouTube member radi0chik the clip had been viewed just over 300 times at the time of writing.