Quark president and CEO Fred Ebrahimi will deliver a keynote address at the UK Total Publishing show next week.

His speech takes place in the Seminar Theatre at Earl's Court 2 on Wednesday July 11 at 11am. Total Publishing is among the UK's most prestigious publishing exhibitions.

He will be joined onstage by Quark's vice president of product management, Jurgen Kurz. The two men will demonstrate the long-anticipated industry-standard desktop publishing application, Quark XPress 5.0. The event will also be the UK debut for QuarkDMS Media Portal, and the recently announced Quark Active Publishing Server.

Ebrahimi and Kurz will also discuss the challenges facing today's publishers, and introduce innovative production-boosting technologies for use by them.

At Seybold, Ebrahimi gave a controversial address – in which he dubbed as "stupid" aspects of content-development for Web-enabled devices.

But in its pre-show press release, Quark stresses that its strategy is to develop tools that "create the ability to re-use content in a variety of media formats with minimal duplication of cost".