The European Commission (EC) has launched an investigation in iTunes prices, following complaints from UK consumer's association, Which?.

Europe is investigating whether the difference in price between the UK and other European iTunes stores is in breach of EU regulations on a common market.

The action follows a move by the UK Office of Fair Trading (OFT), which submitted the Which? complaint to the EC.

At that time, the OFT said: "The OFT has decided that the European Commission is better placed to consider this matter, in particular as Apple iTunes operates in more than three EC member states."

"The case mainly concerns the fact that prices for the downloading of music tracks from the Apple's UK iTunes Store are, allegedly, substantially higher than the prices for the downloading of the same tracks from the other Apple sites - in particular the French and German sites," said the EC.

When he originally tabled the complaint, Phil Evans, Which? principal policy advisor, said: "The online music market is a huge growth area; the single market should work the same in this market as in others."

"We're campaigning for free movement of goods and services in Europe and we'll take on any company, or group of companies, that seek to carve up the market to their benefit," Evans continued.