iPods in museums, iPod clubbing, iPod flash-mobbing - now it's iPods in the classroom, according to the UK's largest education reseller, Research Machines (RM).

RM - which recently became Apple's newest education reseller - has published a page that takes a good look at the use of iPods in education.

"Every curriculum comes alive when audio is part of the instruction. The latest iPod update turns any iPod into an innovative educational tool," the page proclaims.

It goes on to explain how using add-on peripherals, such as the Griffin iTalk, lets students take and share notes, track discussions or interview people. This add-on device also opens opportunities in foreign language tuition, and lets teachers dictate lesson plans. Files recorded on an iPod sync with iLife applications, too.

The product's capability to store notes on board also gets a mention: "News articles, classroom notes, even flash cards for spelling tests can be right at hand," RM explains, adding, "use your iPod as an alarm clock and never be late for class".

Apple in the US is actively engaged in getting iPods in use in higher education. North Carolina’s Duke University gave 20GB iPods to each of its 1,650 incoming new students on August 19. And in Georgia, Professor Rob Viau uses iPods to enhance his English and interdisciplinary arts courses at Georgia College and State University.