Elgato Systems has introduced EyeTV 250, an ultra-compact TV receiver/recorder for analogue TV.

It's about the size of the original iPod and takes its design cues from the Mac mini. It contains a powerful hardware encoder that converts analogue television signals into MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 formats.

The EyeTV 250 will also digitise VHS video tapes and connect video game consoles to the Mac. The product will be available at the end of April for €199 (including VAT).

EyeTV 250 ships with EyeTV 2 TV-recording software, which lets users watch, record, pause, and replay television on the Mac. Recorded shows can be exported to fifth-generation video iPods with one click, burned to DVD with Toast 7 Titanium, and exported to many video formats such as H.264 or Sony PSP.

EyeTV 2 is a Universal application and runs on Macs with both PowerPC and Intel Core processors. It ships with an adaptor cable that accepts Composite and S-Video connections from video sources such as video tape recorders, cable and satellite boxes, or game consoles.

To turn EyeTV and your Mac into a monitor for a game console, Elgato provides a switchable 'Game Mode' option for EyeTV 250. This option disables the hardware encoder, routing the video signal directly to the Mac's screen for zero-latency game play.