Elgato has announced its EyeTV Hybrid, a device which lets Mac users watch both free-to-view digital TV as well as analogue TV.

The device takes the form of a small USB stick. It lets users connect cable and satellite TV boxes to their Mac (using a brake-out cable included with the system), as well as receive standard Freeview channels.

The device uses EyeTV software to navigate available programming using an Apple remote. TV watchers can rewind, fast forward, and pause digital TV. The solution also allows them to record TV shows to their Mac's hard drive, and export shows to iPods or DVDs.

EyeTV Hybrid allows gamers to connect their games consoles to a Mac, should they require. It doesn't require an external power supply and costs €150.

Elgato has also released an update for its EyeTV software, introducing support for Hauppauge's TV solutions.

"Our WinTV USB-Sticks have won many awards in the Windows market and are now finally available to Mac users. The hybrid version offers broad coverage of analogue and digital television and is an exceptionally useful solution for mobile users. Macintosh customers can enjoy the comfort and functionality of Elgato's user-friendly EyeTV software", said Klaus Mähleke, vice president EMEA, Hauppauge Computer Works.