UK resellers are struggling to meet demand for iPods – despite having stocked-up on Apple's smash-hit MP3 player.

CoolMacs director Narinder Chandi said: "We've done great business this Christmas. iPods have been a great seller. We stocked up in advance, sure that they would be the most wanted gadget this Christmas, and we were right – everyone and their aunt wants one. It's been a great Christmas period for us."

Likewise, iPods have been a big seller for The Square Group. Managing director Darren King said: "iPods are flying off the shelves, but we cannot get enough allocation of stock from Apple. As soon as they arrive they're gone."

The most popular model is the 20GB iPod. Templeton-Smith's Chris Hadley said: "We have been flooded with enquiries about the iPod – especially the 20GB version. Unfortunately we've run out now, although we do have 40GB versions left. There is no chance of getting any more of the hugely popular 20GB models in before Christmas."

Keren Gilfoyle-McGroarty of KRCS has had a similar experience: "Demand for iPods has been consistently high, especially in the last quarter, and like many other resellers we have experienced difficulty keeping the 20GB model in stock: they barely have time to hit the shelves before they are out of the door."

Mike Khalfey of John Lewis told Ananova: "So many people wanted an iPod we are having to take orders for delivery after Christmas".

"Demand is outstripping supply. We are getting shipments once or twice a week but we are selling them almost as fast as they come in," he added.

Apple's iPod has enjoyed an extended presence on the high street this festive season. Apple managed to get the iPod into Virgin Megastores in time for the Christmas rush, and the MP3 player of the year – according to most international publications - is also available at the Carphone Warehouse and some branches of Dixons.