Following the lead of its US parent company, Apple UK is now selling its eMac to everyone.

Until now, the eMac model of G4 Mac was available only to the education market. Now, the original iMac-inspired device is available to all. The company says the decision to release its product to a wider market was taken because of consumer demand.

The company describes the eMac as its most affordable PowerPC G4-based system. Although it lacks PCI expansion slots, the product offers a 17-inch flat CRT display in a space-saving, all-in-one design.

“Consumers have pounded on the table demanding to buy the eMac, and we agree,” said Apple CEO Steve Jobs. “The eMac’s production ramp is ahead of schedule, so we’ll have enough eMacs this quarter to satisfy both our education and non-education customers.”

Screen star The eMac supports five screen resolutions: 640-x-480 pixels at 138Hz; 800-x-600 pixels at 112Hz; 1024-x-768 pixels at 89Hz; 1152-x-864 pixels at 80Hz; and 1280-x-960 pixels at 72Hz. A tilt-and-swivel stand is available as an optional extra. This lets users tilt the system from -5 to +15 degrees up and down, and allows for 360-degree swivelling.

Other features in the AirPort-ready device include: a built-in 10/100BaseT Ethernet port; twin FireWire, and five USB ports; built-in stereo speakers; a CD-RW drive; and a built-in 56K modem. The eMac is also equipped with an NVidia GeForce2 MX AGP 2X graphics card with 32MB of Double Data Rate (DDR) video memory for 3D performance.

The unit costs from £949 for the 700Mhz model, equipped with 256K L2 cache, 128MB RAM, and a 40GB hard-drive. The midrange model (£1,098) hosts 256MB RAM and an eMac stand; while the top-of-the range model (costing £1,387) offers 512MB RAM, a stand and a year’s subscription to the AppleCare Protection Plan. All prices include VAT, and are taken from the Apple Store.