Apple subsidiary Emagic has announced Logic Audio 6 and Logic Gold 6 for Mac OS X and Mac OS 9.x.

Both products offer features taken from the company's parent application, Logic Platinum 6.These include more efficient use of processors, and new editing and mixing capabilities. They also include OS X-only features such as Channel EQ and MP3 import/export. The products offer new file-management and set-up capabilities.

New features include: the ability to save media files into a single project feature; Time Stretching in the Arrange window; simplified object editing; the ability to zoom in on waveform display at sample-level resolution; and a new EQ plug-in.

The products' new Arrange Channel Strip lets users change the mix from within the Arrange window, while a new Freeze feature freezes audio to reduce the load on the processor. This means tracks can be checked, then frozen while music editors work on other tracks.

The products should ship this month. Final pricing has not yet been announced.