Emagic has released WaveBurner Pro CD Mastering Software 2.1.

The upgrade of this mastering and burning software includes FireWire CD-burner support and POW-r (Psychoacoustically Optimized Wordlength Reduction) dithering. This is a professional dither algorithm for the creation of 16-bit audio files and CDs. POW-r algorithms are a high-quality way of encoding audio for CDs. POW-r offers three dithering modes.

A list of FireWire and SCSI CD recorders supported by WaveBurner Pro 2.1 can be found on Emagic's Web site.

The WaveBurner Pro 2.1 update is free for existing WaveBurner Pro users and can be downloaded from Emagic's Web site. WaveBurner Pro 2.1 costs £220.