Linux users are being urged by a leading Linux publication to embrace Macs with open arms.

In a report published yesterday, LinuxWorld urges its readers to “take a Mac user for lunch”.

The report said: “Apple's Xserve is just another Unix box – with big implications for the Linux community. Four million new Unix users a year, that's the Mac OS X promises and it's a market full of friends with whom we should be working.”

The report praises OS X's underlying Unix virtues – reliability, network compatibility, resource use and access to a variety of low-cost cutting-edge tools and applications.

It continues: "Apple's Xserve is a Mac server that costs about the same as a Linux server, and, therefore, considerably less than a Windows server. Xserve demonstrates both the cost advantage of the open-source model and the network advantages of Unix to a far wider audience than we've ever had before.”

The report ends: “It is past time to welcome the Mac community into the general Unix and open-source movements. After all, we're all working to expand and apply the same set of ideas, with the same set of tools, and for the same personal and business reasons.”